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Old by body, but young by the soul

June 13, 2016
Bob Dylan - Fallen Angels

Bob Dylan - Fallen Angels, there's no matter how low they fallen , how much opportunities have wasted - extricate himself if Young At Heart.
Sad, melancholic melody of Maybe You'll Be There ballad takes us into the clouds of dreams, keyboards and guitar accompany our desires, violin bring this matter to the sublime poetry.
Polka Dots And Moonbeams acoustic guitar leading its story by fingering, vocals joined it only in the middle, concealing her story by his narrative.
Lofty dreams, takes us into the realm of sacraments flows All The Way, so it take all of us far from boring ordinary troubles.
Violin is headed leitmotif of the Skylark. In the composition vocals and fiddle are competing for the leading roles, not wanting to stay behind the scenes.
The mysterious, multivalued, brooding Nevertheless quietly and calmly leads us through the shadow of a doubt: there's no care, how to solve problems - have to be be sure that solve all of them! Could not be otherwise - All or Nothing at All! The lyrical story with a nice guitar riff strengthens confidence in it!
Where anyone has anything happened, but this tale occurred On a Little Street in Singapore. Guitar riffs sounds encouraging - there was funny on that street! Always remain questions "why did so, and not otherwise?". But in some cases there is confidence - It Had to be You! Could making me true? Of course!
The subtle, impressive start, appeals to the deepest emotions and opens a way for Melancholy Mood. But such a mood is happening, but not forever - passed in course of time...
Faster and more perky than the previous tracks That Old Black Magic casts its spells on us, healing from sad mood and unchained us from bad memories.
Come Rain or Come Shine completes memories, filled with a variety of emotions. It ends lyrical, leisurely - giving food to future chronicles.