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Take your sword in your hands on bushi do

June 12, 2016
Whispered - Metsutan - Songs of the Void

Mysteriously lured Chi no Odori into embrace of the unknown, and put the shaman yelling into unthinkable thorns starts Whispered - Metsutan - Songs of the Void .
Strike!, - they yells! Strike, - they screams! irresistible zeal motivates them, changing the pace and frequency of their claims. But - STRIKE!
Exile of the Floating World but they don't stop attempts, symphonic screaming vocals calling to attention, then switch to short exiled voice and remote keyboards. A lot of chances, a lot of afforts - they try, try a lot!
Dreamy orchestral begins, continung aggravation of drums Sakura Omen passes, after a brief keayboards break, screaming in instrumental fury , concluded by the vocals rage. Flute revive again, fury again! ARGH! There's no rest for unsigned soul!
Entry, combining a modified keyboards, guitars and folk, in a brief breaks require more attention for the keyboards, opens Kensei. All becomes ragged, combining modern guitar with folk motifs, rhythm! Orchestra combuned with the war tunes and folk drums! That's great!
Shepherd insulates pasture, rhythm envelops village by its fury - they tell us that Our Voice Shall Be Heard! After zealous rage, flute and keyboards lead their party to the significant end.
Keyboards, flute, oriental folk motifs, mysterious keyboards delineate sublime motive of their party Tsukiakari... to unite the motives of northern, southern, island and continental folks in one tune - can someone or not? They - CAN! ARGH! Can you recognize that?! I - can't!!!
Long, mysterious, slowly, flute hops, then orchestra announces a farewell to the Warriors of Yama.
Leitmotif starts in intro the Victory Grounds Nothing, passing through the entire track like the thread. After long, melodic, sublime, dreamy guitar solo eastern folk motifs captivate minds, enhanced by choral singing support.
Monks tap their instruments, where's keyboards passages, choral... then Bloodred Shores of Enoshima takes us all, without any stops, regrets and refuces. In the mid of the track choir and orchestra briefly give respite, but then again, midtempo fury involved in the attack. But women's voices called to the spirits ... stop it for a moment. But again it's furious, violent, unstoppable... varied a lot of times, there's can be a lot of words to tell about that artwork... all of that useless! Listen to it - and you have your own opinion - that can be very different from me as well!