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Cast out all from the ambush

June 13, 2016
Assassin - Combat Cathedral

Where you want to pray for God of War? Maybe, in the Assassin - Combat Cathedral?
This temple are driven powerful blows of its sermons into the souls of the flock, some of its servants accelerated pace of the Back From The Dead by their harsh vocals in verse. But slow down narration in the chorus. They're back from the dead - pray for that!
Quickly started by drums, sticky guitar riff does not release it for unlimited pace, because they was Frozen Before Impact! Undying Mortality without the slightest delay entry is flying toward the viscous bridge, but in the verse again unrestrained fury guitar does not stop before any obstructions. And this alternation takes place further.
Lyrical, mesmerizing and fascinating guitar solo begins Servant Of Fear, but before the entry vocals guitar break off the chain! And the vocals in this song more severe than in previous. In the chorus guitars humble themselves, combines with harsh vocals and clean one. In guitar solo instruments retrieve the furious rush!
Slave Of Time wants to break his bonds, get rid of slavery and to devote himself ... to himself. Mad, rampant verse, chorus increases the severity and density slightly reduces the tempo.
Deliberately, confidently, appreciatively Whoremonger looks around. Here all a little different - a slow, viscous chopping verse, fast bridge - and a dramatic acceleration in the middle. He looked around, selected items of interest and playfully surround them by his attention.
Hammering nails into drums begins Cross The Line. Intermittent, uneven rhythm leads us further along the path of these lines.
60k of soldiers, 20k police in whole town, - tell us voice in intro of the What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger. Long, tightened entry becomes perky couplet with broken rhythms, that shall communicate track seamlessly to the chorus.
Sitting in the Ambush alternate rhythm of his narrative by variations of mid pace - a bit slower in the chorus, a bit faster in the verses.
Word strikingly and swiftly rushes to the masses of people. Uncontrolled rapid verse gives way to rhythmic shouts of the chorus.
Starts Sanity From The Insane by a guitar riff hovering around, becoming the leitmotif of the track. It takes us into an unrestrained dance of madman about its habits, eccentricities and corrupted mind.
Rhythmical, slow, pressing on the minds blows begins Red Alert. Following the entry quiet phrases continue the story about the alarm. But guitars breaking free and begin uncontrolled flaming race. But in the instrumental part of the viscous pressing rhythm returns, and only the chorus, aggressive riffs alternate with rhythmic cries completes the composition and entire album as well.