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Odin searches, signs and recalls

April 23, 2017
Ymir's Blood - Ymir's Blood

Vikings are always, enywhere, everywhere! With them 1 and do not reject it in any way! Ymir's Blood - Ymir's Blood and there's no use to reject it any way!
Unleasher - Beerbarian moves through the endless cycle of times, legends, doubts. Refracts in its sound a lot of streams of musical decisions, causing piercing clear vocals for short instants, piercing the previous and subsequent layers of musical decisions and images. Then the music accelerates and flies in an unknown twist, then returning to the origins.
Thoughts, questions are a broken, complex rhythm. Thoughts, doubts, preferences are formed in the 1589 ... clean vocals harshly starts its tale for a bit.
Powerful, furious and angry blows raise the rhythmic march 1, piercing him with a violent and piercing clean vocal. But then the striking power rhythmically limits the vocal phrases with its militant outline, repeating itself in a mad march again and again Forging iron, metal, blows and power pushes the fury of the growling, pumping vortexes and the cycle of rhythmic insights surround the main motive, drawing Origin of Iron powerfully and clearly to penetrate inner and inner.
Led Zeppelin cover Immigrant Song extols so great, well-known, memorial song in somewhat new and original, recognizable and unique performance as well!