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Romance shrouds from all sides

April 24, 2017
Patricia Kaas - Patricia Kaas

Feelings, emotions and nerves are constrained and torn, stretched and compressed in melodies Patricia Kaas - Patricia Kaas , carrying away disagreement, controversy and adversity !
A wonderful, mysterious atmosphere of sensual revelations starts from Adele tunes, calling to the depth of consciousness, turning on the wrong side of all thoughts and doubts.
The flapping palms, the chime of the guitar strings complete the vocal confessions in Cogne, creating a breath of listening, giving birth to imaginary castles in the clouds.
Cheerfully dancing along the bright autumn boulevard Madame tout le monde travels towards a bright future, sparkling dreams and bright impressions.
Encouraging inspiration thoughtfully walks through Sans tes mains, creating so pleasant inspiring atmosphere around the hateful mark weekdays.
The lyrics are melancholy and thoughtfully appealing to the old, lost dreams, remembering the lost chances, unrealized abilities and lost spaces during La maison en bord de mer.
Embrasse continues a sad, painful manner, carrying the banner of lofty aspirations through the twilight shroud of dark gloom, towering over the painful adversity.
Disturbing, thoughtful Marre de mon amant creates an atmosphere of desperate expectation, unrealizable dreams and otkuyvayut dymko gloomy fog, dark shades burdened by being Thoughtful, balanced and restrained dreams enfold mysterious, intriguing haze of Sans nous - coming up with more and more aspirations, desires and whims.
Quiet, calm, balanced dreamy Ne l'oublie jamais odes tends to meditative perceptions, restrained thoughts and sensitive meditations.
The Le jour et l'heure lyrics wraps around with dreamy whirlwinds, overcome by a romantic sadness and charming sadness, crocheting in the tender dreamy fetters of lost passion La langue que je parle continues a sad lyrical piitic, fettering a painful sadness and lost dreams add graces.
The thoughtful blues Ma meteo personelle is composed with a recitative, sometimes supplementing with the notes of the trumpet and mystical tunes, becoming an inspirational encouraging narrative. Hopeless meditation Ma tristesse est n'importe ou completes the album, giving hope to a stream of aspirations for future accomplishments.