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Sharpen your sword - another way will be discarded

April 23, 2017
Numenor - Sword and Sorcery

Symphony becomes as sinphony if you not listen for the Numenor - Sword and Sorcery untill the end - and searsh for more of its artworks!
Prelude begins our story, paving the way for future achievements, comming in the Dragonheart quickly, furiously and unrestrainedly breaking into the whirlwind of an unrestrained symphony, then the guitar riffs create a whirlwind, enveloping restrained and interesting screaming. Then clean vocals ads the shades to that symphonic story.
Rhythmically, clearly - but quickly and hastily The Arcanist tells his story, starts with the furious, enchanted, demonic screaming. Oh! I like this part as well! Guitar fingering of the Interlude intrigues before the The Prince In The Scarlet Robe tales that closes the shades of our perceptions with the harsh and hasty rhytms, and screamy vocals. Clean vocals overcomes in that story for the forefront with the top of its sound, but scream-growl returns for a bit. There's no use - high clean voice perverts!
A thoughtful introduction awakens a lot of thoughts, expressing itself in a mysterious and intriguing image The Oath Of Feanor, turning into so desultory and fascinating narrative, replacing the pace of the truth.
Going into the style of old, ancient and forgotten legends you find yourself in Dragon Of Erebor, combining a variety of different vocal styles, raising a shrill clear in the primary ray!
Prelude II heralds the next song in a thoughtful, symphonic and orchestral manner. Bane Of Durin growling vocals, crying out for attention - but melodious music envelops these desires charming luster.
Sleeping Sorceress pretentiously, pathetically and confidently we march along the indicated path, breaking off into the sides of unprecedented adventures. But the vocals changes the rhythm and pace, changing it again and again!