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Nothing to say anymore

December 27, 2021
Blindherd - Brink of Extinction

An anxious siren heralds the coming disaster or war, then the E.N.D music and the vocals combine in a joint musical stream, combining in the vocal part the dominant scream-growling with the background growling, at times coming to the forefront of the sound of the first track of the Blindherd - Brink of Extinction album.
Wrapping the vocal argument of screaming and growling in a twilight musical veil, the sound of the Calvaire song creates a distinct sense of post-apocalyptic atmosphere.
After a brief pause, the Desecrated Empire composition takes you into a hurried race to prepare for an unqualified and unyielding fight for survival - by all means! The Broken Faces as if continuing the musical narrative of the previous composition, supporting its stylistic features and chosen position - to stand to the last.
The intriguing echoes of the main motif and the atmospheric guitar passages that add to the sound of the Block.11 composition predetermine the character of its sound. The sound of the Tomorrow's Dread song is built on the questions and answers of the vocal stylings, with which they lay down the direction of its sound, anticipating the more varied, varied and wide-ranging stylistically, in tempo and meaning, sound of the Apoplexia album's final composition.