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No one saw - no witnesses

December 26, 2021
No Living Witness - No Living Witness (EP)

The symphonic, intriguing Intro introduction of the No Living Witness - No Living Witness (EP) album creates a foretaste of a very interesting and intriguing musical development.
This is embodied in the sound of the next song, Signs, which combines melodic charm with flashes of furious driving indignation. At times, however, the music and the vocals are intertwined in a romantic dance, enchanting the listener with an unimaginable and indescribable unity of contrasts.
The sound of the Dendraphobia composition gives more importance to the symphonic component of the sound, creating a continuous majestic background to the musical performance, at times hidden in the shadow of the rising dragon of furious drive, carrying on its wings sparks of vocals inspiration. But, after the symphonic covers return in the rank of shrouding vocal unity of screaming and growling with atmospheric musical veils.
Developing a similar style in unity with the mystery of the keyboard intriguing symphony of the introduction, the Lord Of The Air song retains the symphonic musical atmosphere in unity with the power of frenetic drive, but brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image.
Following the stylistics of the album in the sound, the Atavistic Bloodhunger composition most clearly and tangibly shares the contrasting elements of its sound - symphonic charm, united by progressive musical artistry in a single musical flow with a tough and assertive drive.