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Let get ready for the action

December 28, 2021
Wooden Sky - Let's Be Ready

Rhythmic pulsations anticipate the vocal intro with an inspired atmosphere, infusing the Saturday Night song's sound with hopeful notes. The Our Hearts Were Young composition continues the sounding of the The Wooden Sky - Let's Be Ready album with mysterious romance bringing echoes of pleasant memories.
The Baby, Hold On romantic ballad shrouds you in a veil of tenderness and love. The When The Day Is Fresh, And The Light Is New composition brings a wave of freedom-loving inspiration and the mood for future achievements and accomplishments.
Bringing shades and echoes of country style to the album's sound, the Kansas City song evokes memories of native lands. The Write Them Down composition continues this style, bringing some rhythmic mystery with the background percussion.
The combination of vocal emotionality and restrained drive creates the Maybe It's No Secret melodically topped musical image that continues with the soft and gentle charm of the Shake For Me romantic ballad.
The Let's Be Ready title track charms with the crisp chime of the acoustic guitar strings, complemented only by a gentle and trembling vocals chants, continuing a similar sound in the Don't You Worry About A Thing song, complemented by soft rhythmics and background guitar and keyboard passages. The Baby, Hold On (Demo) completes the sound of the album with the original version of this song.