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Not so easy to diagnose anything with a such injury

August 26, 2018
Home Style Surgery - Trauma Gallery

Pressing power rolls the wave of the Explore the Dimension into, very artistically developed guitar solo, intertwined with string ideas - but the power of all-encompassing casts that unrestrained drive dominates the Home Style Surgery - Trauma Gallery album. Not that the band turns away the fans of trash metal - on the contrary, it expands the musical consciousness, supplementing their musical and vocal parts with very progressive ideas!
The pulsating rhythmics Atomosphobia coils, weaving vocal phrases with instrumental delights - it can be described endlessly! Because - be sure to listen! But the vocals partly return the perception to the origins of the genre.
Powerfully and meaningfully starting with a majestic symphony, the Sachiko Ever After composition turns into an unrestrained metal drive, then weaving together such contrasting elements, pointing out - this album is worth listening to many times: each time it will be perceived differently! In the vocal part, pure vocals in all its diversity are sometimes supplemented by the phrases of the growler.
Sharply and swiftly starting, the music The Red Ripper Case then introduces waves of symphonic artistry, with the introduction of vocals combining such contrast elements in a single musical image, initially leading to the expanses of thrash metal, then supplementing in bridges and choruses with progressive music.
Not at all rejecting metal fury, Beware the Lurkers appeals to the origins of the genre, combining them in a wondrous plexus with progressive solutions - senseless to describe, each hearing will perceive in its own way! The furious drive of the introduction weaves together a lot of music streams, as if combining a variety of musical ideas in a single stream of music. The introduction of the Haunted Mindscape vocals in some way transforms music, supplementing it with certain trends of oriental motifs, and supplementing with a fierce dusk in verses, bridges and choruses.
Furious drive sweeps the music stream in a frenzied uncontrollable frenzy, supplementing, however, with Verge of Confrontation bright and artistic instrumental passages in bridges and vocal reflections in very specific chastushas, vividly and distinctively anticipating the title track completing the album. Trauma Gallery pensively and grandly prepares for the introduction of further development, then the vocal screaming wail sweeps unrestrained fury, but thoughtfulness and artistry return, weaving in an unforgettable combination of rage and symphony.