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Do you believe what I believe?!

August 27, 2018
Otep - Kult 45

Pathos, and the iconic introduction Hail to the Thief begins the Otep - Kult 45 album, turning into a harsh and driving composition Halt Right, rhythmically, densely and rigidly grinding the perception in the meat grinder of its sound.
A heavy Molotov's introduction continues the conceptual canvas of the album, bringing the vocal part to the cutting edge of the musical image.
Mysteriously and foggyly beginning with delights of clean vocals, Said the Snake nervously and peculiarly continues to weave the versatile waves of drive around vocal experiences.
Bringing to the forefront of the musical narrative vocal reflections, permeated with abnormal vocabulary Undefeated raises the rap into the predominant state of musical image.
Starting with a twilight ballad, Trigger Warning brings a wave of dark romance into the narrative of the album.
Meditation, about where God came from ... appeals to the unity of the recitative with a dense unity of drive and oriental motifs, interweaving folklore and rigid progressive elements in so diverse Cross Contamination track. Shelter in Place continues the album, harshly and clearly hammering thoughts into a further narrative.
The spicy oriental motifs first come to the Boss fore, then the vocals grit with whispers, but it breaks the fetters and dominates the further composition structure.
Hardly, severely and tightly To the Gallows continues the album, the vocal catches up with a dense musical glow, staining it with the shades of its party.
Confession or vocal reflections Sirens Calling continue the album or serve as a breather before the harsh and furious Invisible People enslaving consciousness with a pulsating sound, grinding genres and tastes.
Acoustic confessions of vocals Be Brave continues the album, presenting a gentle symphony that does not allow to doubt her sincerity and truthfulness.
Some references to all the well-known melodies Wake Up complete the main narrative of the album, after the introduction very distinctively and progressively reworking the vocal and musical submissions. Predictions and premonitions Feral Oracle (Bonus) are unhurried, unhurried and do not need listeners. Well, the album ends with The Tribe Speaks (Bonus) bonus track, which is completely audited only by very charged fans - it's about how the band recorded the album.