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Not everyone can realize his credo

August 01, 2016
Ravensoul Creed - El Credo

Everyone sees the world in their own way, all have private Ravensoul Creed - El Credo !
Displays the level of understanding of the consciousness, starts with improvised percussion - Dejare el Miedo Atras. Performs all the levels of awareness and understanding of styles, crossing a ballad verses and aggressive living bridges. But the chorus compares said difference to the overall picture.
Drums leads their game, enslaving us and other instruments to its influence. Tomara Revancha - ragged and tight rhythm, leading the main motive of the composition doesn't allow to break free from its interventions.
Life-giving water flows in our veins - even if it's blood, it makes us live and allows to be alive! De tu Sangre Soy by their sublime and dreamy passages allows this experience to the fullest!
Battle needs companions, who never retreat, braving all hardships! Sin Volver a Caer describes the hardships and that it is necessary to pass comrades during battle. In the middle of an instrumental piece takes us to the realm of fantasy and the guitar solo, but comrades - next!
The guitar riff dances enchanting fairy dance, leading the consciousness away from the generally accepted canons. En mi Alma accepts that keyboards bring their music, emotionally and enchanting vocals continues to broadcast his story to all of us as well.
Nada esta muy Claro drawn into a musical pattern slowly, then transforms into a fast and frisky fury. Then again thoughtful and unhurried phrases, ending with instrumental solos and next blast of emotional rage.
The title track El Credo demonstrates aggression and fury of drums that sound incredibly compact the canvas, at an average pace crossing the entire composition. Vocals offers the quintessence of emotions and nerves, soaked by this party.
En Cada Amanecer begins with warlike march, transforming into mid-tempo melodic composition, vocals leads the main motive of which.
Introduction with guitar fingering force and gentle keyboard passages, La ultima llave expected to hear as quiet, relaxed melancholic ballad. But changes in the composition of a variety mid-tempo palettes, that combines aggressive harsh and dreamy melodic fragments.
Thoughtful balanced ballad Todo va Cambiando the main motive of which leads guitar fingering. Vocals complements the image by its emotional component, add its own color in the canvas of the composition.
Buzzing guitar as angry bumblebee, further In my Soul transforms into the sublime ballad, passing next as inspired mid-tempo march. Then combine fast guitar flurries, melodic folk solos and ballad confession with a keyboard accompaniment. Album ends with fantastic variety, woven in his last composition.