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Shadows - the result of lights. They are always inseparable

July 31, 2016
Brunhild - Shadows Over

If you need to avoid all shadows, without Brunhild - Shadows Over - have to turn off all the lights!
In gloom and darkness rushes the guitar sound to bring Reincarnation to us, breaking the shackles apart and freeing the chained prisoners. It was followed by a cloud thet takes keyboard gust, freeing the growling vocals from the inevitable subjugation and reviving hope and awe extolling the further restoration of rights and freedoms.
Lively and smartly guitar gusts appeals to Honor This Day, in the chorus followers and adherents to this day elevate their grateful prayers and celebrate this grace.
Lyrical and melodic entry of the Embrace Fear suggests for the ballad, but then instruments densifies sound canvas, focusing their forces on the power and fury.
Furious warlike rhythm break through the way forward, in spite of the obstacles, but then melodic guitar riff calms militancy and intransigence. It forces to feel the Sense Of Sin. Distorted clean vocals adds his strange sound to that incurable painful feeling.
Shell's chattering and shimmering prepares us to perceive Freyja, ending their march guitar chime. Flying guitar riff, dragging vocals and other instruments for its zeal and rapid rush. In the chorus growling vocals comes to the forefront, instrumentss only bounding the crystal of its sounds with their parties.
In the intro of the Faithful guitar and keyboards combines their sounds in a single burst. In main part they still continue to weave their parties in integral event as well. The album ends abruptly and causes the wait for the next discs of the band soon!