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The originality is inherent in some forms of perception

December 11, 2019
Beyond Fiction - Inherent Perception

A bewitching symphony, calling back with notes of a keyboard solo arises at the introduction, then Pillar of Souls is transformed into a wave of severe metal drive, vocal phrases saddle the music flow and jump onto the spin of a restrained drive on the verge of a mid-tempo symphonic anthem, complementing the chorus that sounds with a chorals. A guitar solo completes the composition with a sparkle of its improvisations, preceding the final chorus. Once again, a symphony with futuristic echoes appears in the introduction, then Interconnected continues the Beyond Fiction - Inherent Perception album, raising to the top of the musical image a melody topped by the sparkling of keyboard notes, but in the chorus, turning to a restrained drive and combining vocal phrases in a duet of clean vocals and growling.
Musical passages mesmerize with melodic charm, in the verse growling supplements melodic variations with harsh notes, in the The Die Is Cast chorus clean vocals comes to the foreground of the musical image. Silence and Suffering vocals phrases intertwine with charming variations of the main motive in a bewitching dance. In instrumental bridges, guitar riffs are crowned with sparkling notes of keyboards.
The majestic symphony of the Follow the Brave combat march commemorates the prowess of legendary heroes, twisting lace from vocal and instrumental variations in the celebration of feats. Rising up in a whirlwind of doubt and obscure anticipation Dream Logic weaves the instrumental and vocal drive together, then enveloping them in a veil of melodic charm.
Thoughtful reflections of a romantic ballad begin with dreamy musical passages entwining clean vocals. Then growling vocals and waves of restrained drive expand the scope of the musical essence of the Seed of Darkness composition. Seed of Light reveals the following trends of the essence of heritage, marching in a melodic procession of the main motive on the verge of an average pace and an inspiring ballad.
Guitar solo complements the main motive with sparkling variations of encouraging omens, introducing some meditation into the breathtaking sound of the dance of musical and vocal shades of the Wounds of Deadly Hate song. The inspiring piano solo begins the final composition of the album Closing Circle with symphonic charm. Then the music retains melodic trends, but raises them up with the harsh support of a powerful drive.