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Not all tales should be told again and again

April 02, 2017
Syrus - Tales of War

All ages, all times were followed by wars and chronicles. Syrus - Tales of War combines both of them!
The march, the hard drum roll and the frenzied drive starts Blitzkrieg, then the piercing vocal phrases grow in a single impulse to the reckless development of military themes. Guitar solo raises it to a new level, inspired and sought after developing the theme.
Persistently, visibly and spiritually begins The Hunt, then rushing into an unrestrained jerk for a frightened beast. Violent persecution continues and continues - the beast can't hide away!
Nervous, angry and disturbing motives Unbroken Rhymes dissolves the usual order, replacing everyday cares with dangerous delights.
City of the Sky continues the same anxious, nervous drive, at an average pace, insistently and anxiously provoking concentrated attention.
The whirlwinds of musical drive carry away after their mysterious Thru Knights Eyes trail. Unexpected, volatile musical moves and mysterious vocal phrases are refracted through a broken consciousness, as if distorted by changes in being.
Cautious Midnight Chimes vocal phrases sometimes sweeps the tone above the clouds, with caution, as if looking around and turns around the unsettling, mysterious musical tail. It carries away, uncontrollably and with insistence, his obsessive sound through the whole composition.
Starting out like a pretty, romantic ballad title track Tales of War turns into the wary, changeable, jagged tune.
Instrumental Demonracer impulses carries with their movements, attracting attention to their improvisations and exciting melodies.
Fierce, unyielding and stern drive Mirror Mirror completes the album strongly, uncompromising and powerful, black fog enveloping fugitive squad on a reconnaissance mission.