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Rain after snow is the harbinger of the spring revival

April 03, 2017
Dark Lunacy - The Rain After the Snow

The symphony will not remains without strong, tough and stern support ... Dark Lunacy - The Rain After the Snow sunny days are destined to be later!
So wonderful, captivating symphony begins with a calm Ab Umbra Lumen, started with calibrated and neat melodic break, then the rage is embodied in music, briefly sweeping the shafts of musical rabies to heaven.
The piano creates intrigue, grabbing attention. Then the voice of the vocal promotes Howl, that supplements the musical picture, but the piano continues to lead the leitmotif. Again the piano goes to the front edge, lifting the leitmotif to attention under the vocal whisper. But the musical fury and wrathful guitar delights support the uplifted vocals in his demanding phrases, however - not at all detrimental to the melodic symphony of the wonderful King With no Throne chorus.
The symphony accelerates while seeks for the Gold, Rubies and Diamonds, the main motif of the violin frills hovers over the clouds, the rage and anger of the vocal phrases reduce the tempo. But after the thoughtfulness of the first verse, the melody is swiftly carried away to hardly distinguishable limits. But again the melodic symphony returns to the calm narration of its thoughts.
Enchanting, wonderful and mysterious tunes of far-fetched fairies create a mystical atmosphere for the female whisper. Then Precious Things turns into a charming, romantic ballad, carrying the delightful melody of the violin triumph along with a muffled growling. But then the accumulated rage of musical and vocal anger incarnates, without hiding, however, the charming melody of the leitmotif.
Musical rabies embodies, finding an outlet for the stream of angry rage within the Tide of My Heart. But the melodic symphony again surrounds with a charming melody, giving a respite before the rapid speed of the next verse.
The title track The Rain After the Snow begins with a chorus of impressionable ladies, carrying shiny tunes and vivid impressions. Then the chorus is supplemented by deeper and more restrained male voices. Then the whisper of the growling crosses with a gentle violin break, allowing the mystical chorals again to take their forefront with their fairy chants.
The saturated and dense Life Deep in the Lake stream of musical celebration marches confidently and unrestrainedly, sweeping away any resistance from its path. Then a wonderful, fascinating melody takes us away from the boring everyday troubles to a world of dreams and inspiration.
Symphonic The Awareness ballad combines the violent growl and so beautiful, glamorous melody in bottle unite - like a single malt whiskey that survived many generations in a barrel covered with the dust of ages and the ashes of oblivion.
So wonderful instrumental saga Fragment of a Broken Dream completes the album with its charming sound, inspiring to future accomplishments.