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Not all spirits easy to imagine

August 15, 2016
Silence The Aria - Act III: The Residual Spirit

There are things that are impossible to imagine without knowing all the original fragments. Silence The Aria - Act III: The Residual Spirit is one of them.
The motif takes consciousness to distant confines, short phrases summing When We Speak Quietly, music becomes heavier and gaining strength. Then again short phrases and eastern riff that clothe them in its shores. A Speechless Soul marching stubbornly and persistently, destroying all the obstacles in its path. Mighty obstinacy needs a respite - a quiet, calm melodic riff makes it possible to restore strength and energy. Coffee break will be not one, further composition changeable and unpredictable, fluctuating between a variety of the broken rhythms and mysterious melodies.
Powerful riffs emit intermittent strength and lavish the energy of harsh outbursts of rage, Aggressively Unwise don't eternal - after rays of wrath and anger it praises lyrical fascinating part. Then rage and anger returns!
After waves of violent aggressive anger follows dreamy Stay, leading the mind on the path of enlightened mystic universe, give a boost to the aspirations of hope, inspiring action and achievements.
Mind ascended too high inspired by hope, scorched wings has no ability to fly, so folling into Nighttime Void (In a Daytime Sky), where ghostly grim imaginations surrounds on all sides, identifying the captivity of entangling with their fetters, luring into the bottomless abyss of fear and terror.
The Residual Spirit, Pt. I fails basis of the description of fantastic sphere, where amazing spirits, ghostly phantoms were real beings, that collects emotions and accumulats thoughts...enhancing all these attempts, increasing activity and aggressiveness of these processes The Residual Spirit, Pt. II sharply and eagerly picking and pulling the emotions and nerves. But the strength of the field, enveloping the space is not absolute - when the sphere began to crumble - it was necessary to think, that the gusts of rage and destructive impulses turned into a creative and reinforcing.
Melancholic lyrical ballad Where I'll Be concludes whimsical instrumental compositions, emphasizing their sad and mournful tunes imperfection of the surrounding world - innumerable ways to correct it, many of them unknown.