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Not all Gods uses not all pots

May 21, 2016
Rotting Obscene - Depths Of Decay

Fascinating, distracting by change of rhythm and motion directions of the melody, Audient Void opens the way to that artwork Rotting Obscene - Depths Of Decay to seize your mind!
Malicious, aggressive start of Cataclysmic Advent continues the process of mastering the consciousness. After a quick and fiery beginning, in spite of the evil threshing drums slows down the pace for a while, so relaxing gain even more speed!
Mysterious, intriguing foretaste joining of intro of the title track, Depths Of Decay fills mind by mystery of enslavement, entangling tentacles that suck the life force - to explain all depth of decay!
Quickly and accurately pacing its way Nightmares Of The Forlorn journeys farther, surrounding all of us by atmosphere of gloomy despair.
The guitar shimmers like a brilliant ball of the witch, The Awakening forces the still remaining gloomy atmosphere with new undiscovered events, which are the reflections of a crystal ball, and new, unexpected phenomena.
Braking perception, lulling minds - Paths Of Deception suggest new ways in the end of which ... no, not doom in oblivion but something unknown, bizarre and frightening.
Fraudulent paths led us to disgusting places, well - then these witches and wizards have to feel Abhorrent Reprisal. No regrets and no attention to their entreaties for mercy!
Immediately narrator begins his story in the Temporal Diminishment. All estimate - someone always overstates, someone - always understates. But there are those who, and so and so - exaggerates the dignity, deficiencies understates. Short, fast ... IMMEDIATELY Metamorphic Transcendence No stops, respite, relief measures. ALL HAVE TO BE DONE! FAST AS YOU CAN! RIGHT NOW!
Tearing consciousness by the musical chaos Absence Of Light prepares you for the fact that there's no light and these always will be like that.
Not all done? Be ready for the Warstorm! Rapid onset of official grandeur anger decelerates to a slow rolling on the carpet. And then the boss reaches for the radio...but you're still on the carpet!
Replaying marches stars Defacing Divinity. Well, not all pots for Gods - they not fired them. For someone - divinity not ugly, someone - on the contrary opinion. That's the story ends...