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Lineage has no use for barbarian issues

May 21, 2016
Scythia - Lineage

The ancient chronicles incarnate in legends of warriors descendants Scythia - Lineage.
Eternal Oath once it has been given - has to be performed always and forever. And there's no difference "how many invaders have come" those who gave an oath, can't feel even a shadow of doubt, any thoughts of escape. Oath!
Intro in conjunction with a playful guitar transmits risible sentences, then Laugh of the Tsar harsh the sound pattern bu its raspy sound. After a rusty chuckle king tells arrogant speech, reveling with his status. And then the music is changeable - the acoustic guitar, the orchestral insertion. But everything comes to an end as expected - arrogant chatter of the king and his rusty laugh.
Belligerent howling wind in the tents of the barbarian warriors begins the story about all Barbarian things, that combine wilderness with the wastelands. But - Barbarian says that he is a warrior. And he doesn't care - rest consider themselves to whom?!
Slow, exciting, sprawling in his over intro Soldier's Lament prepares you for a quiet, humble soldier confession. It is a pity, then it is self-recognition picks up pace for a while, after that we hear acoustic guitar and wolf's howl.
Loremaster (part I) starts its tale with mysterious mysterious story. But then the guitar break out of captivity, and drums furiously tearing all around. Well, began by pathetic legend - and ends so.
Chime guitars and keyboards and the distant voice of the fairies starts Loremaster (part II). Where the fairy tales? Oh, there's sublime tale, continued by harsh vocals. After the mid, bells, fairies voices and emotional vocals returns for a while The Sacrifice begins like a lyrical ballad, then harsh'n'growl added a bit of bitterness to get more might'n'power to the music, then crushing blows, implacable in his rhythm crushed rushing to the bustle Instruments, but in the end instruments broke free and ended quickly, scream growl echoed them.
Thoughtful, leisurely start of the title Lineage then picks up speed, partly returning to the initial thought with vocals. See the way, ride away, - they tells to all of us many times. Ok, we're ridin' away!