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Nobody prepares for this hunt

September 24, 2018
Northshroud - The Wild Hunt

Keyboard passages of the Fate intro anticipates the development of the main motive, the unrestrained fury of the uplifting whirlwind of energetic musical beginning of Northshroud - The Wild Hunt album.
Epic fabulous motifs bring in a whirlwind of medieval sagas and legends, while the northern winds adds musical and vocal shades of the north winds for the To Rule the North Seas composition. Into the Storm continues the epic narration of the previous composition, making it easier to sound and giving a more epic character to the vocal part.
The noise of the weather, the croaking crow and falling raindrops precede the introduction of the The Feast of Eternity composition, which re-compresses the sound of the music, but changes the vocal style to the majestic narration of clean vocals, which complements the mysterious whisper in the verses and the emotional harsh in the choruses.
But again the dark drive takes off with an unrestrained flow of energetic musical whirlwinds, the vocals harden. But in the instrumental bridges, guitar solos give a sparkling melody to the Slay the Weak composition.
The whirlwind of the main motive takes the perception into unknown spaces, unrestrainedly embodied in the Fearstruck song, undoubtedly forming its basis.
The title track The Wild Hunt continues the album, embodying in rhythmic entry a squad of knights that is riding towards the demonic evil fiends of the hellish spell, embodied in the unrestrained rush of wild hunting. In this composition, the vocal part is again set with a majestic clear vocal, in the next song Where Silence Reigns the vocals becomes hardened again, and seem to be carried away on the wings of eagles chained in armor to meet future challenges. Epic melody combines the majestic trends of northern legends, different vocal styles and musical motifs in the final composition Shroud of the North, which completes the musical tale of the album with a memorable and impressive sound.