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And what is the number of this sacrament?

September 25, 2018
Ritual Of Odds - Ritual Of 9

The title track begins the Ritual Of Odds - Ritual Of 9 album with a wave of dark charm and a very hit performance of the main motive.
The next track Hunt You Down starts with the sermon of the sophisticated sage, which then manifests itself from time to time, intertwining with demonic screaming and the grim charm of musical motifs that preserve mystical mystery with the prevailing average tempo, but sweeping up drive wave in the instrumental part.
The noisy crowd anticipates a viscous and stinging Feargas introduction, continuing with peculiar vocal phrases, filled with gloomy playfulness and exciting attention. After indignant abuse of the bridge, the vocals, while preserving the character of the sound, become hardened, continuing to proclaim their settings and directions.
News announcer announces the terrible events, switching stations in a different languages - but then a dark and deep vocals and sticky melodies announce the changes in the Hate At First Sight song that painfully combining vocal intimidation and oppressive musical passages.
The musical canvas of the previous composition is toughened in A Part Of Me that is maintaining a viscous tempo for a while, but it hardens and vocals interweaves a dark and eerie lace of clean style strands, rough harsh inserts and bold screaming.
Progressive motifs, manifested in some manifestations in previous compositions, are fully embodied in Digital Hell song, combining changeable vocal appeals with a dark charm of musical passages.
The confessions and revelations of the Why So Serious introduction are preceded by the interweaving of several styles and women, in the vocals alternate recitative and harsh, the music juggles with variations of stylistic shades.
Doubts and experiences are intertwined in the whirlwinds of the Greed musical passages, weaving a charming tunnel of musical delights around vocal reflections. The vocal in the verses is alarmed and harshly sounds, in the chorus it rises in clean style dreams.
After the grim and moody motifs, The Dual Substance Of Man is carried away in a swift drive of the couplet, but from time to time it slows down into danger and dark forebodings, but again is carried away by an unrestrained wave of energetic drive, weaving music and vocals, combining screaming and harsh together.
But the feelings and forebodings of future disasters and gloomy sacraments appear in the final composition What I've Become, again weaving lace from several musical styles and genres.