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No use to take the same place - problems has to be faced!

June 28, 2016
Incidence - Incidence Of Chaos (Reissue)

Can't stay alone in peaceful house - around rules Incidence - Incidence Of Chaos (Reissue) !
Mysterious riff leads the consciousness into the unexplored depths of unknown spaces, have to be ready for the Royal Funeral. With the narrator's advent of the story is accelerated without looking back at the old joy, no respite! The funeral is always tragic! That's all, folks!
Drum solo starts, bass follows it in intro of the Anthem Of Death. This proclamation to the eternal is choppy, jumping from very fast verses to the melodic and drawling bridges. Eternal will not understand uniformity, dull prayers and dreary passages by supporters - evidenced by a variety of parts and dreamy, unexpected and unpredictable guitar solo that ends by the furious driving piece! Death 'till not the end!
To assist to the clean vocals, with harsh notes appears harsh with growl notes. Maybe that's Final Hour for the clean vocals? Not at all! They blend and complement each other as well!
Rage and a sudden rush of angry riff breaks the guitar solo in the intro of the Toxic Death, further composition is flying like a missile, slowing its pace only in the chorus to draw attention to the fact that such a death...ouch! how unpleasantly painful and extremely foul!
Melodic and slowly starting, Blood Of War diseased slowly flows from the verse, accelerating its pace in bridges, then combining the tempo fluctuations in the chorus and further splashes of blood and fury of war...' till melodical phrase at the end.
Lyrically mysterious and darkly melodic riff opens Caminante for us. Came into the traveler's path vocals leads the story in Spanish in average pace, not hurrying but without delays, punctuated bass guitar solo inclusions and sudden outbursts of gitar's aggression!
Bonus part begins with the City Of Evil (Demo 2012). Perky'n'jagged flies the history of the city inhabited by the damned and wicked without any delays and respites! To find! Correct or destroy! The instrumental part use the slow pace - the search have to be attentive and impeccable!
Tornado Of Violence (Bonus Track) flies further, sweeping away all of obstacles in it's way, in the instrumental piece limiting the rate of speed by leading melody at top. But unrestrained guitar solo returns and its jerks enslave the rhythm section.
Mysteriously, intriguing start, covers all around by guitar riffs, without losing attention to any details. But Biological War (Bonus Track) begins, without any compassion, any mercy, not letting any creature to freedom from it's threats. The instrumental part starts with the intriguingly-melodic guitar riff but solo returns running rampant to liberation from bio hazzard! And the album ends!