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Have to obtain a patent for such kind of the experiment

June 27, 2016
Ripper - Experiment of Existence

Theorizes, exploring all variations and changes, deduce the formulas - prepare for the Ripper (CHL) - Experiment of Existence .
Powerfully and impressively starts, breaking obstacles by mighty blows, Magnetic Solar Storms dramatically flying through a verse, several slowing down its rapid flight for the chorus, retouching palette in the bridge after it.
Carefully planning progress in the future, Anthropophagic Life starts slowly. Then the guitar solo breaks into a free run, but the vocals puts instruments liberties into place as well! But guitars doesn't leave hopes for the freedom of their riff and splash solo in space several times!
The title track Experiment of Existence starts with extremely fast rhythm section, guitars and vocals are trying to keep up with this incredible speed, throwing out all of tricks and contrivances. In the instrumental mid of the song, start of which is headed by a bass solo, instruments continue their irrepressible run.
From the quiet and lyrical riff Anatomy of the Galaxies (Instrumental) variably prepares all possible cases, bringing all instruments to the fore, changing the styles - both theoretically and practically exploring possible options for the development of galactic structures, from calm and balanced - to rabid and aggressive, from lag and sluggish - to sharp and restless.
Powerful, slowly and impressively, in preparation for a further leap Stellar Evolution begins its progression. After a long and impeccable preparation, jerk sharp and unrestraint. In instrumental part thebass sweeps away all others aside, while presenting its solo aloud. After such arrogance tempo of the song a little subsided, but soon everything returns to its previous furiousness.
Furiously and thrashing starts The Alpha Orions, then changing from furious speed to average pace, clearly supporting vocals. But after the first verse mad speed returns to the fore, driving reckons instantly.
Rhythm guitar's solo begins, then solo guitar jumps at the foreground, and then they follow each other, alternating their roles while Rotten Dreams sounds.
Chromatic Fantasy (Bass Solo) bass didn't leave its delights relative to improvisations, solos and variations of tones and melodies - a piece de resistance for audio gourmets!
Intro focuses on powerful and precise rhythmic bursts, then Neuronal Unity accelerate its pace while first verse. In the bridge pace slowed down for a bit, then fierce ride returns. Rest of the composition taking place in these changes.
Guitar's solo starts Spherical Energy, then other instruments are attached to the surroundings of this sphere with their motives and parties.
Humanity Was Wrong - certainly and obvious, that this track trying to prove, changing pace and shaking the archs of heaven with their powerful sounds. Periodically instruments come to the fore, even another bass solo improvisation! Thus - the story intriguingly ends...