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September 23, 2016
Ablaze My Sorrow - Black

Do not give a chance to break the mind - the enemy Ablaze My Sorrow - Black will get to know!
The title track Black begins furious rumble from the first sounds crazy then continue unrestrained madness 'till melodic respite in the middle of a composition, which becomes more denser after its rhythm section gains more power and growling becomes fiercely. Ends composition as violently and quickly, as well as started.
One Last Sting combines incomparable in a common sound - violent jerks and powerful destructive impulses with a lyrical melody, that envelops the musical frenzy with its influence. Quiet dreamy ballad guitar fingering completes the composition.
The melody continues to be wedded to a powerful and astonishing a fierce and angry instrumental passages - and now the group's lyrics use the native language, enhancing the effect of melody of the Tvaenighet!
The sad and melancholic ballad When All Is recalls all the failures of the past and points - it is necessary to reject them all and look to the future, in which only see the possibilities and chances.
The gloomy picture of the coming of the abyss assumes Send The Ninth Plague - in the dark all things are just shades of grey, there's no hope in that void - when the plague will come!
Instrumental guitar saga helps us with its fingering breaks to understand and To Reclaim What Is Ours.
Insomnia describes feelings in gusty pace, reducing speed to the middle - to provide emotional monologue and viscous melodic instrumental part. But then impetuosity and sharpness returns.
Many generations live inside all of us - Blood Heritage provides that. In veins of the northern people flows the blood of their ancestors, on Drakkars inspiring fear and respect to all around the world. It calls to rebellion - but we are already part of the uprising ?! And even by our existence performs the Razorblade Revolution - "We are Revolution, We are Vengeance"!
It starts as a quiet melodic ballad powerfully and stretched their spending guitar passages. With vocal entry The Storm stepping up the pace, swiftness storm inducing cleansing on the surrounding area. Chorus drives phrases with mighty hammer blows into the prepared perception.
Stories of love can be folded in different ways sometimes romantic, glamorous, glossy and with a happy end. Sometimes, opening a bottle of beer - My Blessing - Accept me or fuck off.

In Flames - The End / The Truth Many thoughts raced through vokruz us in recent years. Many saw and learned for the first time - something that makes a variety, the other - on the contrary, alludes to "back to the roots".
In some ways, a new and fresh look at the music offers In Flames - The End / The Truth !
Live and fast guitar intro inspires expectations frenzied and furious track, but The End enveloped in a romantic mood that permeates it from the first to the last note. The main features of a supporting environment are solo guitar and keyboards and vocals.
It starts with something like yelling DJ at the disco, further The Truth in a rhythmic pace striding on its way with the mix effects that complemented with all sorts of modern decorations.