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An eerie foreboding of change to come

December 26, 2021
Burning Darkness (SWE) - Dodens Makt

Solemnly, majestically and thrillingly, the Muspelhems Vrede saga begins the twilight musical mystery of the mesmerizing musical essence of the Burning Darkness (SWE) - Dodens Makt album, varying the solemn procession with deep growling with swift whirls of musical fury with frenetic screaming vocals, which at times transforms into tough growling. The Sulphurous Wrath track immediately puts forward a musical whirlwind of the main motif, enveloping the vocal phrases with a sparkling spiral of guitars variations.
After a vocal howl, the musical narration of the Chiropteran Demon twilight tale follows the musical path of echoes of ancient legends and tales, accentuating the significance of the storyteller's narrative. The She Who Dwells Beyond the Branches fast-paced musical track takes us on a path of development and transformation of its leitmotif with a transformation of tempo and musical structure. Exploding with the unrestrained fury of a musical thriller, the Neonaticide composition flies in a race in a challenge among vocals hurry and musical swiftness. Echoes of ancient legends and folkloric epic are once again bursting out, combining harsh vocal growling and folkloric twilight motifs in the sound of the Draugr song.
Bringing the vocal aptitude to the forefront of the musical image, the In the Shadow of Webbed Wings composition combines vocal alternation with the mesmerizing melodicity of the instrumental bridges. The title track Dodens Makt Ar Stor sets the album's final point with a thoughtful procession of solemn march intro, then complements it with a powerful drive with symphonic echoes of musical variations.