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No matter how you will sort it, war is always torture

March 26, 2017
Pessimist (Deu) - Call To War

Past accomplishments are rethought, Pessimist (Deu) - Call To War reissues them, forging with additions that change style and complement the sound with their own shades !
Turns thoughts like beads, juggling rhythm, riffs and moods - Trommelfeuer is not shy of any changes in order to attract the most possible attention. In the chorus, power and rage come to the fore, driving title with mighty blows like by heavy hammer into the minds of all of us!
The introduction intrigues, captivates and deceives attention with its meditative melody.
Then The Massacre Of Nanking still juggles with consciousness, using the alternation of rhythm and alternating melodies, getting a kind of power and exciting sound. Sometimes mysterious, mystical tunes and choral chants complement the intrigue as well!
Speed breaks into the mighty, unbroken Infernal Death stream, sweeping away all obstacles in its path. Then the song reflects, the vocals reflect, think and make a decision, the guitar solo distracts attention with its breathtaking sound during such an important moment. But in the final chorus the accumulated energy is formed into a single impulse!
Thoughtful melancholic instrumental composition Prelude Arm For War serves as an inspirational introduction for the title track Call To War. Powerful speeches are enveloped in confident, clear and severe phrases, combined with the corresponding accompaniment.
A slow, viscous and burdensom grim Son Of Satan introduction creates a desire for a sharp breakthrough, so that it will be freed from these bonds. But the vocals bursting into a swift run at the end of the verse returns to the painful swamp.
Dialogue between lovers begins It's Time To... enticing everyone into the abyss of unrestrained drive.
So mysterious, fascinating and stunning Death By Torture main motive surrounds itself with sparkling, unpredictable outlines, creating insurmountable obstacles for those who can not wait to change it.
Melancholy and gloomily ebbing distant echoes of days gone by, then a guitar fingering sets the main motive that develops into a violent music stream that sets Another Day In Mania instrumental track.
The wail of the sirens sets the mood that describes Hell Of War, vocals from harsh are turning into the growling style, music becoms herder and tougher.
The pace of Kill Or Be Killed changes over and over again, the vocals fill their sound with a storm of emotions, radiating an angry rage and unrestrained anger in every phrase. In the chorus, the vocals combines screaming and growling in an uncontrolled debates between them.
A grim, disastrous foretaste of the future Armageddon crushes in a slow, painful and viscous pace. The remnants of patience are grinded, melted - but the indignant masses scrambles in the violent wave of the chorus, but not for long enough that rush - the sound rolls again into the scattered, ghastly abyss. But people respites for the next chorus!
An uncontrollable stream of frenzied drive is poured out through statement I Hate You to all of us!
The vocals returns to the harsh style, the music leans from the used styles towards the cross-over. Thus, Nuclear Holocaust summarizes reissue version of the Call To War album.