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Heretics despises canons - that's mortal sin for them!

March 27, 2017
Sakreme - Vital Sins

It is absolutely necessary to know the depth and possibilities of the human body and consciousness.
Without Sakreme - Vital Sins this is impossible!
Outraged vocal immediately expresses its perception of Disharmony of Euphoria. Then, reflection and condemnation are fiting in the thoughtful frames, rhythmically and driving re-tells all of thoughts about that stuff.
The vocals are cleared of intense emotions, bending to a dreamy, clean sound, creating a charming lyric ballad Lust Eternal, so vivid and significant in a romantic and charming atmosphere. Fast, swift motive states, that I Know it all - captivating to follow for its fickle musical and vocal delights.
Exquisite ancient melodies brings No Result music above the clouds, then the vocal introduces a dose of rage, maliciously and persistently shading and darkening the musical holiday with its insistent phrases. Mysterious guitar solo, ornate instrumental ornaments clouds the vocal stubbornness, replacing bellicose phrases with a thoughtful whisper ... but the vocals returns to the fore and completes the composition with its solemn scream.
Melodious, romantic guitar moves circling around We Embrace with ghostly riffs, vocal phrases intersect with them in a spiral triumph of complex and charming melodies, creating a pensive ballad in her intractable charm

Exalted grandiose motifs Adamah - Heretics of the Dawning Star stores sharp blades of hard riffs in the sheath of delightfull and charming melodies that have adorned by this association !
Slowly, sweepingly and violently drive the sound of the title Heretics of the Dawning Star introduction. Then the sound breaks the fetters and frames of the patterns, escaping to free space. But the shackles hinder freedom in the bridge and chorus restricting the movement with its chains. Symphonic passages of a guitar solo complete the composition with a haze of constrained hope.
Fall of Silence falls into the sharp and rapid flow, developing into rapid, volatile impulse, sparkling with sharp frames of an unshakable warlike spirit.
The fog of the mysterious Abaddon narrative covers with the impenetrable, dark and gloomy haze. Then this adorable saga covers an exciting sound, plunging into the abyss of darkness, preserving its romantic charm in its ballad sounding.
The Hunter seeking, knowing how to identify the traces of their victims. Further violent and unrestrained jerks are replaced by melodic respites, combining in a single composition so different features of musical moves.
A melodic guitar fingering lifts the lyrics above the clouds, then Legions (Rerecorded Version) odiously marches along their majestic path, sometimes breaking into the rampant furious impulses of fierce sparkling emotional rushes. And so grandiose excellent march completes the entire album as well.