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You can not stop - so move it! Move it!

March 25, 2017
Metaluria - Fuerzas En La Noche

Rapid impulses can demolish all obstacles, Metaluria - Fuerzas En La Noche sounds like a teen spirit!
Quietly, consistently and thoughtfully starting, Fuerzas En La Noche breaks into a stunning enchanting drive, knocking out the remnants of doubts with the title track from the beginning.
Crazy, stunning drive continues in Agitador, bringing the vocal screams to the next level of piercing ability.
Power is intertwined with speed in a general vortex, lifting Heavy Metal into the outer limits of eternally existing signs. The composition begins changeable instrumental introduction, followed by clean vocals soars above the clouds, at an average pace combined with instrumental delights.
After preparing with the introduction, the speed is rapidly increasing, taking Codicioso beyond all possible barriers and boundaries.
Sharp impetuous high-speed impulses Quimera De Un Oficial breaks into so gloomy, impenetrable fog, vocal phrases creates the piercing blade that cuts through the clubs of this haze.
The pace of Panza Metalera is reducing, upgrading the effect of sharp jerks, which shades every tact with its sound.
Intermittent, changeable musical turns Posesion Infernal soars in vortices, drawing vocal phrases in the cycle of its musical moves. The mad, unrestrained, wild drive continues its rapid breakthrough and at Nuestro Camino, in the chorus the chorus of adepts supports the main vocal motif, but then the music continues its rapid flight through all of the obstacles and barriers.
Intro envelops with expectations tangles, then Speed Metal rushes in violent jerk in the midst of battle, powerfully and swiftly completing the album, with its sound!