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Night dusk highlights hidden charm

September 25, 2019
Circuit of Suns - Night Sister

The mysterious mystery of vague symphonies envelops the perception with bewitching intrigue, weaving obscure laces of the muffled instrumental symphony of the Night Sister title composition, which serves as an introduction to the Diminishing Returns song, which raises the banner of the unity of progressive thought and restrained drive anticipates the further development of the musical extravaganza of the Circuit of Suns - Night Sister album.
Cosmic rays and enchanting artistic trends of entry envelop a bewitching haze, anticipating the enchanting mystery of a pensive ballad. But then the 22 vocals are hardened by the unbridled fury of an extreme style, musical passages envelop the vocal experiences with the corresponding passages, preserving melodic shades and progressive variations and returning to artistic romantics.
And again, the Insidious Apathy introduction returns to the bewitching mystery, but the introduction of vocals breaks consciousness with unbridled fury, enveloping in the deadly dance of an unstoppable drive, encompassing vocal phrases with the fierce dance of musical passages.
Pulsating waves of rhythm transform music of the Purge composition into a wonderful mix of several genres, complementing musical unity with brutal notes of vocals exploding after recitative phrases and calling for changes in the musical image. But artistic romance completes the composition, smoothly shimmering into the introduction of the final composition of the album Eulugy, completing the musical creation with an artistic symphony, singing feelings and romantic emotions, complementing the vocal part with female vocals.