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Go on for an adventures - leave all the frustrations behind!

September 24, 2019
Alex Artimez - Leave It Behind

Dixieland’s dancing playful passages are transformed into a swift and unrestrained drive, forming a mesmerizing unity of sound of the Alex Artimez - Leave It Behind album's title track. Then a whirlwind of enchanting guitar passages encircle the axis of rhythm, bewitching the epic atmosphere of ancient fairy tales, continuing instrumental music with such a mysterious musical mystery of the twilight anthem of the 7:29 song.
The tunes of the bard saga continue with stubborn waves of fighting rhythm, escalating the belligerent readiness to face any trials face to face. Then the sparkling phoenix of a guitar solo soars above the Journey Within main motive.
The romantic thoughts of an acoustic guitar create an enchanting atmosphere of the Friends introduction, then the musical passages take on an increasingly mysterious shape and rise in the form of significant and impressive doubts of a majestic march, combiled with so romantic guitars solo. Even more bewitching banners of melodic inspiration are raised by the Past Lives composition, progressively and artistically wrapping thoughts and perceptions in the sparkling covers of such a bewitching ballad. As Beautiful As You enthralled in the vastness of enchanting romanticism, enveloping with the dreams and the wondrous atmosphere of a sublime ether.
Doubts and thoughts buzz in the whirlwind of the Fighting Myself main motive, sometimes flying away with the wind of an uncontrollable drive, overpaying their guitar passages around the axis of the main motive. Soft acoustic guitar strings fingering envelops with Out to Find Me incredibly pacifying peace, dispelling doubts and frustrations after an unsuccessful or dubious choice of one's own path. Then Home ends the album with an unbridled drive, demonstrating an unbeatable and relentless craving for adventure and the ability to withstand any trials.