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Next stop to eternity

January 30, 2021
Reaching for Reality - Hindsight

The Cursed guitar chime with a mysterious musical intrigue ends with electronic pulsations of music and vocals. Rising up a progressive union of music and drive, the Down Without A Sound continues the Reaching for Reality - Hindsight album's musical narrative with an inspired musical union.
The Life Or Death mid-tempo musical march intertwines in a broken progressive dance with vocal mystery, complementing the sound with guitar passages characteristic of post-rock. Technogenic futurism and a touch of popular music intertwine in a mesmerizing dance with a guitar solo, setting the direction of the Dust And Fire main motive of the sensual ballad. Beginning with a brooding ballad Social Prison Sphere then brings vocal phrases to the forefront of the musical image. The Outsider continues the musical narration with the progressive brooding of an acoustic ballad, then elevating vocal doubt above the rest of the album.
Whipping up the fierce drive with notes of angry harsh the Population Control creates the sound of a true action movie, crowned with clean vocals, the Vices continues the sound of the previous composition, complementing it with electronic notes and fierce rhythm.
The This Moment romantic ballad sets the style and rhythm of the development of the final fragment of the album, first starting with a romantic ballad, then the New Endings is invoking sludge, blues and stoner.