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August 23, 2019
Helix (CAN) - Old School

The pulsating trends of the mid-tempo march envelop the inspirational emotions of vocal phrases, which are sung in the Coming Back With Bigger Guns chorus by a chorus of colleagues who sets the warmth of live energy at the beginning of the Helix (CAN) - Old School album. Wise memories begins Whiskey Bent And Hellbound with acoustic reflection on problems and troubles in view of the bar fun, which brings enthusiasm for entertainment in saloons and taverns. If Tears Could Talk mid-tempo march continues to roll waves of memories of problems and troubles, which are worth recalling and discussing.
Slowing down and compressing the significance of the musical passages enveloping the vocal part, the Your Turn To Cry composition's music is marching on the verge of approaching the ballad. Tie Me Down complements the expectation of a romantic ballad, adding a touch of spicy southern sound to acoustic musical parts. Playful turns from side to side continue the musical narrative with Closer To You bewitching juggling blues tones. Games Mother Never Taught You preserves southern fun, raising vocal phrases to the dominant role of musical narration. Intro's guitar passages add to the expectation of an unbridled drive, but the vocal narrative of the verse saves the Southern Comfort for the listener.
The mysterious mystery of intro pacifies the spicy trends of the south winds, again reflecting the Hound Dog Howlin' Blues varying vocal reflections to the trends of blues traditions. Cheers completes the album with a bewitching acoustic romance built on the soft accompaniment of a scribble of vocal dreams.