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Sociopathy needs to be studied

August 23, 2019
Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs

Driving through the pulsating waves of drive, the Monarch Alpha composition opens the gates of the Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs album, immediately showing the charming feature of the group - the alternation and interweaving of emotional screaming and severe growling in the vocal part.
Incredibly progressive and exciting Penance complicates the rhythmic structure of the musical image, then intertwining screaming and growling in a bewitching dance. Then the covers of the majestic anthem are wrapped in significant growling phrases, then returning to the interweaving of vocal phrases in a fast-paced race.
The Kakistocracy vocal part sets the path for the main motive, then intertwined in a bewitching dance with musical passages. Majestically and thoughtfully spinning the flywheel of musical narration Transmogrification of the Echoborgs with the introduction of vocals immediately rolls into swirling swirls, spinning musical variations around vocal phrases. A Catastrophic and Catalyzing Event immediately explodes with rampant demonic vocal revelation, the music complements the destructive rage with the deadly dance of its passages. Vocal phrases control the musical sound and directs the accompaniment in ever-changing directions, twisted in mesmerizing vortices of doubt.
The mystery of terrible Aeturnum prophecies develops in the mysterious whisper of the sorcerer, then exploding in the gloomy covers of the Dying Breed dark anthem. After grim reflection on dark essences, the music explodes with the rampant demonic drive of the drive, but then again returns to the painful solemn viscosity.
Showing a bewitching musical essence already in the A Seething Perversion introduction, then vocal doubts transform the musical canvas into an inspired march, but again and again return to the enchanting musical passages of the introduction. Exploding with a whirlwind of pulsating musical passages, then Curb Stomp transforms into a bewitching alternation of musical and vocal variations, completing the album with an indescribable alternation of inspiration and dusk.