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Nature is not subject to the distortion of time

March 17, 2021
Sur Austru - Meteahna Timpurilor

Muffled and pensively, a wise shaman proclaims the De Dincolo De Munte ancient prophecies, entwined with a lace of mysterious chime of musical variations, vocal reflections thoughtfully and ingeniously cocooning musical solutions. But then the music and vocals harden, complementing the Sur Austru - Meteahna Timpurilor album with a restrained demonic drive, over which the mystical tunes of the shaman flute hover. Whipping up waves of harsh drive and fierce vocal growling, the Puhoaielor song then alternates between screaming, growling and clean vocals into a saddened anthem.
Twilight mysteriousness envelops the atmosphere of majestic ballads, combining and alternating a clean vocals, with the harsh thoughtfulness of the growling in the vocal party, complementing the Mistuind musical image of the background drive and the elevated handles of the saddened flute. The pulsating heartbeat of the musical fairy tale fascinates the twilight union of the Bradul Cerbului epic hymn, enveloping the vocal significance by musical intercourse.
Tunes flutes pierce the space, combined in lace of musical sacrament with anticipation of the Jale forgotten fairy tale, complemented by vocal enemas and the further musical development of folklore sacraments. The flute develops the mysteriousness of the folklore motives, which intriguing the fascinating entry and then confidently marching the Dor Austru chosen musical path.
Fascinatingly and mysteriously gossipped twilight covers of the forgotten fairy tale around the vocal narrative In Timp Vernalfascinates the combination of vocal variations, starting the procession of the harsh growling. Extreme multifaceted the Jabracie epic tale completes the album as manyfoliated and difficult, that it is worth listening! Again and Again!