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The future will bring a new world order

July 02, 2021
Stam1na - Novus Ordo Mundi

The vocals begins the musical narration of the Henkilokohtainen helvetti song, being in obscure doubts, but then together with sorry passages goes in a confident assault, then again and again repeating such alternations. The Narsisti composition is frantically hardened vocals and music, continuing the musical narration of the Stam1na - Novus Ordo Mundi album with a violent triller with the echoes of punk rock 70s of the last century. But the musical sphere the track is incredibly expanding, complementing the stylistic framework by the harsh phrases of male groting vocals. Partly preserving the rapid rebound of the previous musical creation, the Memento Mori (ateistin kiitos) song introduces some devices of the epic fabulous elements, combining clean, harsh and growling in the vocal part.
The Betelgeuse vocals rebellion is intertwined with a musical swirl in an unrestrained round dance, bringing some echoes of romantic experiences in the chorus. Harshly and fiercely hammering progressive musical steps, the Metropolio and then devotes for wiser vocal meditations, emphasizing that the importance of their sound. The N.P.V.E.M. track's mysterious intro creates an atmosphere of gothic mysteriousness, but then the vocals appeals to some acceleration of the musical pace, while maintaining, however, a musical mysteriousness.
Having enveloped the vocal frenzy the covers of a progressive musical discoveries, the Kriittinen massa then retreats from vocal rage to romantic reflections. But then a stern march with a male grover diversify musical sound. The Tabu music and vocals are breathing in emotional confusion, in unrestrained searches, striving to scroll unknown tips. In the sound of the Novus Ordo Mundi title composition, the pulsating bass guitars passages attach greater importance to the heartbeat of the musical organism, creating an impressive background for the awesome vocals narration. The Sirkkeli completes the album by the unrestrained musical thriller.