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Mystical demons seek to establish their own order

February 25, 2019
 Lucifer's Child - The Order

A demonic scream raises up a stream of fierce drive from the Viva Morte song, then the vocal weaves a sharp screaming with the impetuousness of the musical passages, starting the epic narration of the Lucifer's Child - The Order concept album.
The title track The Order continues the covers of impenetrable darkness, extolling the introduction with a solemn hymn enveloping the heraldic appeals of drumming. After the introduction, the main motif bewitches with epic melody, which carries the ancient legends to the open spaces, starting the vocal part with mysterious chorals.
The impetuous whirlwinds of a guitar solo are being carried away in a rebellious race against annoying foundations and traditions. With the introduction of vocals Fall of the Rebel Angels music becomes tougher and harder, returning to the intro's style in instrumental bridges.
Epic echoes of forgotten fairy tales and ancient ages rises from non-existence into the epic narration of the Through Fire We Burn composition, reviving the spirit of chivalry and charming shades of ancient legends.
Rolling bright sparkling waves of epic passages, the inspirational narrative of the El Drago-Un verse is fascinating and carries off in an unrestrained musical stream. Chorus, on the contrary focuses on the vocal phrase.
The hazy twilight of the Black Heart intro is complemented by the wise reflections of the wise old man. Then the guitar solo sweeps up a whirlwind of swift fiend of evil, then alternating painful unhurriedness with sharp whirlwinds of rage. Haraya epic tale envelops the enchanting atmosphere of ancient tales, inspiring a fascinating feeling of involvement in fairy-tale events. Bad weather, rain and distant thunderstrikes ends with a thoughtful narration, reminiscent of a funeral march, mostly instrumental, in which the vocals only again and again resemble Siste Farvel title. This narrative completes the album.