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Nothing is louder of utter silence

February 24, 2019
Bony King Of Nowhere - Silent Days

Starting softly and thoughtfully, the mysterious background and gentle guitar motifs create soft covers for the vocal narration of the Going Out composition. Beginning with a pulsing heartbeat and enchanting guitar passages Every Road continues with thoughtful vocal phrases and in the main part envelops the vocal part with whirlwinds of cosmic influences, giving a certain fairytale component to the Bony King Of Nowhere - Silent Days album.
The lyrics, full of doubts and reflections, come to the forefront of the Silent Days title track, the sacrament creates a fascinating musical atmosphere on the musical background, hidden by the haze of keyboard passages.
Experiences and presentiments are embodied in the Whenever We Meet Again vocal phrases, enveloped in the whirlwinds of musical sparks, intertwining fascinating fabulous lace of enchanting epic images.
The muffled phrases and acoustic passages of guitar fingering breaks of Now That I Know are an introduction to a fascinating romance Waiting For Your Sign that conceals doubts and warnings in a soft, charming atmosphere.
Once again, the vocal narration occupies the central axis of the Through The Night composition, but the accompaniment envelops you with an enchanting atmosphere, weaving sparkling lace in the instrumental bridges and enveloping vocal phrases with bright canvases of musical delights.
Emotions and experiences overwhelms the Like Lovers Do vocal part, musical passages complement the experiences and bring in a fabulous mystery of epic charm and inspire insights and premonitions.
The soft acoustic composition Still Around pacifies and fascinatingly completes the album, lulling and captivating with gentle musical passages.