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Mysteries of nature appeal to the memory of blood

February 26, 2023
Zubair - The Cries Of Mother Earth

The title track of the Zubair - The Cries Of Mother Earth album begins his musical narrative with the allure of the reflections of the guitar solo, leaving then the main motif in the background and raising inspired banners of the sparkling artistry of another guitar solo, complemented by the power and pressure of background percussion and the rhythm of the section of musical variations and the mystery of the background vocal phrases, preceded by the progressive complication of the Absolute Justice musical composition, complemented by the persistent severity of the growling vocals intertwined with the music in a sparkling whirlwind. unrestrained drive in a joint piercing flight.
The vocals comes to the forefront of the False Redemption musical image by furious pressure, leading the musical passages to follow the path laid out by the vocal part, then entering the rhythmic step of the brooding march, preceding the further development of the Destroy the Conspiracy musical composition with the ornate pensiveness of the guitar solo, then again raising the vocal story on the crests of the musical waves.
After preparing the musical style of the main motif, the vocal part leads and manages the musical stream of the Cacat Ambisi song, captivating the musical variations to support and addition, enchanting with the ornate artistry of the guitar soo of the Ifrit introduction with shades of oriental motifs, enchanting with melodic sound, anticipating the energetic drive of the further musical story.
The whirlwind of guitar riffs leads to the swift pursuit of unrestrained drive, weaving the sparkling lace of the powerful and assertive Witness musical thriller, which then complements the unrestrained pressure of growling vocals, again retreating before the romantic charm of the guitar solo, in which then the rhythmic pressure and vocal charisma are again manifested, leading the sound of the Sentient Nightmare song with an artistic interweaving, continuing such stylistic charm and unity in the Makna Jiwa final instrumental composition of the album with greater role to romantic guitars solos.