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There are so many secrets hidden in them

September 20, 2020
Черный Обелиск - Тени (EP)

The title composition begins the Черный Обелиск - Тени (EP) album, bringing the phrases of the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narration, underscoring the importance of the lyrical component of the song with the charismatic emotionality of the vocalist, twisting melodic lace with guitar solos in the instrumental bridges, which only emphasizes the meaning of the verses of the song lyrics.
Beginning with a mesmerizing mystery of guitar solo, the Тем, Кто... pulses with waves of a mid-tempo march, while retaining the significance of the lyrics, the song changes its theme from general to personal, focusing on personal experiences. The music wraps around vocal phrases in vortexes of guitar solos.
Manifesting whirlwinds, the druiva already in the introduction the Адреналин accelerates the tempo and crowns these waves of impetuous drive with vocal reflections, then weaving these musical essences in a chorus. Then the music recedes into the background, anticipating the guitar solo of the instrumental part with a solemn speech, ending the composition with an inspirational chorus.
The mid-tempo Такси tale with the mood and echo of the blues concludes the album with memories of a taxi driver who recalls years of experience and work experience, combining adventure and peace.