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Have to specify the targets for machines - get ready for the destruction!

January 19, 2018
Vindictive - Maquinas De Destruccion

A thoughtful intriguing Sentencia De Muerteintroduction turns into clubs of impenetrable fog, through which a furious monster, furiously waving murderous incisors, rushes and cuts all around with its furious flaps. The vocal of this drive starting Vindictive - Maquinas De Destruccion album performs the several harsh tones.
Even more rapid deathly dance from time to time arranges furious dances, drawing everyone Victimas De Agresion around in this frenzied dance. The rhythm section compacts the sound, creating more powerful support for the dominant vocals.
Whipping the wave of drive, Sucio Poder carries with vocal phrases to follow her throbbing attachments, hovering in the dark vortexes of violent passages.
Raza ExterminadaDense and powerful sounding fires a dark fog, despising haste and harshness embrace a gloomy, pumping, dark sound into the introduction 1, then sweeping the impetuous waves of drive. In the instrumental part of meditation and respite prepare an explosion of finish rage.
Vocals refers to the English lyrics, confidently and powerfully vkolochivaya their phrases in a dense and powerful palette of musical drive, severely and densely accenting the song name Face of Hate in the chorus.
The main motif of the title track Maquinas De Destruccion in a swift restless vortex carries us through the fetters of thoughts and the fetters of prejudice, artlessly and stubbornly creating the exuberant fun of the concert atmosphere. The guitar solo of the Mision Suicida introduction fascinates with melodic passages, the vocals sharply and impulsively raise their words, demanding incredible attention, in a rapid musical stream, continuing slam and mosh among the thrashers!
Introducing the atmosphere of the legendary sources of style Genocidio is supplemented with a stern harsh growl, not at all diminishing the fervor of the energetic sound of the album. Instrumental passages in breeches pumping waves of dark fog, complementing the impetuous furious drive.