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Music can define everything

January 29, 2020
Almost Three - It's Just Music

The playful motifs of the engaging guitar sound set the mood for adventure, Tough Times vocals phrases call for a careful examination of the surrounding reality. Then, viscously and painfully, The Whale continues the musical narration of the The Almost Three - It's Just Music album with unhurried thoughts, reasoning thoughtfully. And weaving a vocal part from a duet.
Bringing the Let It Out vocal part to the forefront of the musical narrative, the musical passages push up vocal phrases, mesmerizing with the inspired guitar solo of the instrumental part. The title track It's Just Music continues the musical essence of the album with a leisurely romantic ballad.
Exploding with a fierce whirlwind of drive Pull Up To The Bumper then weaves a playful lace of musical passages from several styles and genres. Then the For One You Need Two walks in epic inspiration, enchanting with the thoughtful vocal tunes of the verse, in the chorus captivating in the stream of doubts and mysteries.
After the gloomy mysteries of the introduction, Zoppo slowly walks in a romantic walk along the avenue of memories. A playful playfulness of 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover vocals reflections is riding on the waves of restrained drive, condensing the musical narrative. The pulsating gray heartbeat of the rhythm section creates the backdrop for an exciting guitar improvisation, persistently and variably captivating the listener to the impressions of the Freeway Jam instrumental composition. The Giveaway concludes the album with the spicy echoes of a hot prairie and brings the breath of southern rock and country style.