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Death perceives every season in its own way

January 28, 2020
Психоз 4.48 - Сезоны умирания

Conceptual аlbum Психоз 4.48 - Сезоны умирания reviews the features of the seasons, but combines them with a thread of saddened sadness, growing out of the belief that death is the only common feature with all the differences.
The thoughtful pulsations of the growing life are transformed by the inevitable darkness enveloping the gloomy Весна Умирания vocals narratives, sometimes transforming into a pulsating march, shrouded in a shroud of saddened guitar solos and musical passages that goes to the forefront of the musical image in instrumental bridges.
The mysterious sound of a guitar solo opens the gates for a restrained drive of the Лето Умирания hot time, musical passages retains the influence of the album's keynote, interwoven in an inextricable stream of musical despair with a vocal narrative, sometimes raising sparkling despair.
A soft and thoughtful guitar solo slowly sets the course for the Осень Умирания main motive, then it is complemented by a vocal narrative, entwined with mantles of light sadness, bringing the experience of autumn haze and gloomy bad weather, creating an atmosphere of sad romance in a saddened ballad. Then the music intensifies the compaction of the rhythm and hardens the sound, complementing the power of the pulsating march and hardening the guitar riffs.
Once again, a calm and thoughtful pacification of the musical passages creates an atmosphere of reflection in the Зима Умирания introduction, the pulsating notes of the bass guitar complement the music with breaths of restrained power, then anxiety anticipates the i ntroduction of vocals, exploding the musical space with a cry and causing a streaming stream of unbridled ed drive, ending the album with a furious thriller.