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Is the diagnosis of these patients worth determining?

January 29, 2020
Hyperia - Insanitorium

Cautious thoughts and reflections lay the foundation for alarming forebodings embodied in a guitar solo, the alarming echoes of which lays the foundations of Mad Trance composition that opens the gates of the narrative of the Hyperia - Insanitorium conceptual album. The frantic clarity of a swift drive explodes into the introduction, then the Starved By Guilt musical passages are transformed from time to time by painful thoughtfulness, but vocal phrases, alternating incredibly emotional screams of clean vocals with severe additions of screaming harsh, create mesmerizing variations of the musical image.
First, screaming comes to the forefront of the Asylum musical image, the tunes of pure vocals go to the background, but then ascend their significance, mesmerizing by the exciting melody of the guitar solo, ending with a furious musical action movie. Disputes of screaming with emotional doubts of clean vocals end with significant assurances and the Unleash The Pigs song's mesmerizing result of guitar solo.
The mesmerizing melody of the guitar solo of the Nullified introduction takes you into the worlds of imaginary fantasies, then the alternation of styles of the vocal part is chased by an unrestrained stream of rapid drive. Fish Creek Frenzy carries on a dance that is deadly in its playfulness ... and playful in death, characteristic of the canons of this style.
Fiercely hardened at the introduction, Dystopia throws the musical canvas into a different musical style, crowning with the emotional grandeur of the tunes of pure vocals, introducing a progressive epic, alternating with the furious frenzy of severe screaming. The austere musical dusk explodes with sparkling emotions of clean vocals, then intertwined with furious phrases of screaming around the rampant axis of the The Scratches On The Wall main motive. The instrumental part impresses with the interweaving of musical tapes of mesmerizing melodies!
Returning to the eternal expected drive, the Contagion then marches on a majestic march, combining these contrasts further together and brutalized by vocal screaming. Exploding with a stream of rage Evil Insanity ends the album with an uncontrolled action movie ... then the patient's recognition continues with a bright guitar solo.