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Much incomparable at all times

February 22, 2020
Гран-КуражЪ - Жить Как Никто Другой

The title track begins the Гран-КуражЪ - Жить Как Никто Другой album with an inspired guitar solo, rolling waves of the main motive, bringing vocal experiences to the crests of the waves, subordinating the development of the composition to vocal directions. Pulsing at the introduction by a procession of the Мир Бумажных Королей main motive first gives the artistic variations of the rhythmic structure with the introduction of the vocal part, then combining the instrumental accompaniment and vocal phrases in a single musical stream.
Encircling the vocal part with harsh and painful whirlwinds of guitar riffs Сказки Тёмной Души complements it with a rebellious originality of vocal phrases, exploding in bridges by storm of rapid drive. The inspirational charm of the Огненный Закат exciting ballad captivates the vastness of dreams and emotional experiences. A whirlwind of rock'n'roll spirit envelops with the hot trends of the southern winds, marching with the sound of Да Будет Эта Ночь song on the verge of a rhythmic mid-tempo march and the desire for unforgettable adventures.
The rapid drive of bridges and tempo variations in the Время Побеждать instrumental passages are combined with vocal reflections of doubts in verses and a chorus, raising the banner of valiant confidence. Fascinating with the mesmerizing melody of the sound of the Глоток Воды inspired ballad raises vocal promises to the sphere of sky-high dreams and emotional experiences.
The whirlwinds of marine romance glorify the prowess of seafarers in the mid-tempo passages of the Наперекор Штормам sea saga, sometimes whirling whirlwinds of rapid drive. Снова Вверх completes the album with sparkling flashes of inspiration and artistry, compacting the instrumental essence and crowning it and the vocal part with magnificent keyboard veils.