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The Pantheon is built for too many - some of which are false

February 23, 2020
Covenant (SWE) - Fieldworks Exkursion (EP)

Broadcasting the female voice of an electronic announcer sets the mystery of a futuristic atmosphere, then an intriguing mystery envelops in an obscure haze, mesmerizing by the expectation of the development of musical essence of the Pantheon composition, then complemented by a soft and obscure vocal whisper. The electronic announcer summarizes the song and precedes the transition to the next track of the Covenant (SWE) - Fieldworks Exkursion (EP) album, pulsating with gloomy forebodings and complementing musical experiences with the embodiment of vocal doubts. The music whispers obscurely, complementing vocal doubts with the obscure mysticism of ghostly signs.
Vocal phrases come to the forefront of the musical image of False Gods track, full of doubts and insecurity, floundering in the gloomy pulsations of an obscure futuristic musical haze. Popol Vuh complements the vocal narrative of a storyteller preparing mysterious dancing pulsations for the final saga of the album. After a long, obscure intriguing introduction, Das Nibelungenlied (Erstes Abenteuer) finishes the album, weaving together such diverse stylistic features and confidently demonstrating the unforgettable and timelessness of many tales and legends.