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Memories will strike back - again and again!

February 21, 2017
Rage (DEU) - The Devil Strikes Again

The spirit of youth and rock 'n' roll mates with orchestra symphonic sound in Rage (DEU) - The Devil Strikes Again (Digipak Deluxe edition, CD 1) ... and now there's no need in any orchestra for that!
Title track throws us into the thick of the battle from the first notes, surrounding with the violent and outraged guitar passages - and all because The Devil Strikes Again. Thickening bursts of music shades, creates a powerful and exciting drive untill the respite in the middle, that brings melodic guitar solo. Returns to the stubborn, adamant and not compliant progress - because everything will be in My Way. Indifferent in heaven or hell, but all will be the only way!
Fascinating addictive melody Back on Track captures the attention from the first seconds, carrying on the wings of its sound through the entire track.
Circling in unexpected and unpredictable eddies, carrying for the ceremonial and rapturous anticipated ending - when The Final Curtain, combining the spirit of symphonic classics in the modern and powerful riffs, supported by a strong and intense rhythm section.
Dense and strong riffs injects anxiety during intro of the War, then turns into the calm and thoughtful story in verse, sharply flashing with emotion and pace in the bridge, that approximates to the chorus - unifying melodic emotion and frenzied rage.
Melodic and charming Ocean Full of Tears tells its story, illuminating the mournful and sad phrases with sparkles of melodic breaks.
Fiercely fast and furiously flying melody of introduction and verse of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, angrily and madly worshiping the exciting melodic riff chorus.
Persistently and tightly begins Spirits of the Night, while flies around, thickening dark atmosphere, among which are sparkling melodic delights and flashing phrases of auxiliary vocals ... and completes the image with guitar fingering.
Melody grows and grows, ascending by notes on the solid pedestal of future achievements, mindful of Times of Darkness slow and stubborn haze symphonic chorus charms creating the mood for the next breakthrough. After a long instrumental extravaganza melody melts and fades away.
Powerful intro angrily tough and furiosly hard starts The Dark Side of the Sun, then combining gloomy oriental motifs with modern melodic bursts of guitar riffs.

The next part of the edition for the true and real fans will be Rage (DEU) - The Devil Strikes Again (Digipak Deluxe edition, CD 2: Bonus CD) , becomes stiff and thick Bring Me Down condensed in the severe harsh vocals of verse, turning into a romantic ballad in the chorus.
The sublime and beautiful in its melodic forms the main motif and vocal phrases creates Requiem for all that is beautiful, that only remains in the our memory forever, preparing to come forward and get Into The Fire, among the amazing and enchanting sounds of the beautiful and romantic ballads, recalls the years of young, bright and promising future wonderful.
The group then offers its interpretation of the creativity of other artists in Slave To The Grind ("Skid Row" cover), Bravado ("Rush" cover), Open Fire ("Y&T" cover).