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We have to know - darkness has so many shades!

February 22, 2017
Siaskel - Haruwen Airen

Shaman conducting the rite is not always in charge, do not know for sure - Siaskel - Haruwen Airen was summoned by him as well!
The shaman performs a mysterious ritual, summoning invisible spirits, which are then transforms into haze of misty shadows vortex, enveloping with rigid and violent sounds Hechuknhaiyin Yecna Shuaken Chima of their dances.
Summoned demoniac beings concentrates atmosphere of So-on Has-Kan with their gestures, spells and incantations, saturating the sound with furiously dark and harsh angry tones, ending their bizarre magic melodic guitar break.
Title track Haruwen Airen flying fast and furious on the dark wings of the invulnerable demon, provided by the summoned spirits. But light guitar vortices are carried close, wrapping their influence frantic journey. Mysterious conversations in an intriguing atmosphere of makes preparatory impulse for the Hais, unites stunning speed with a clear and persistent rhythm, fusing together the speed and power.
Elements, mysterious melodies and rituals create an intriguing atmosphere during entry and converted into a viscous melodic tune - Hain grows out of standby, rapidly removes sweeping doubtful resistance, recreating in powerful fierce gust. But then the narrative gives way to a quiet rhythmic march of that was in the dark cloud hanging melodic swarm of guitar notes. But fierce stunning speed returns with a guitar solo, carrying their banner to the very end.
Speed is not inferior to its main role, carrying Mai-ich quickly and hardly, thickens the vocals to the growling tones, interspersed among the fierce style of instrumental motifs.
Fairy mystic begins Han K'win Saik, the last song of this saga, soaring among the dark and swirling mist in the impenetrable darkness of uncharted abyss, vocal dagger pierces the gloom, entangling with its threads ... keeps enslaved with power of darkness.