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Melodies live for centuries, the style was created recently

March 24, 2016
Hope For The Dying - Legacy

Intro Aurora sounds like OST of RPG videogame or epic film about medieval adventurers. That's the beginning of diverse stories in Hope For The Dying - Legacy
Chronicles about the heritage starts while Setting Sun - ancient melodies are performed by modern instruments. The sound of fife in the background and the rhythm sounds like a hammer hitting anvil in a forge starts Flame Forged, then guitars begin to forge the music till the middle, where melodic solo tuned to the fife in intro. And after that part - the whole band joins forging again!
Narcissus here's mainly the solo guitar - it leads the entire composition, all band followed by its party.
Nemesis splashes out anger and wrath - vicious and aggressive mid-tempo music, but the the olden melodies even here pop out from angry crowd.
Drivin' and lively-sound Trenches begins like symphony orchestra. And then folk motives and the orchestra combined with powerful modern instruments in a single burst.
Cursed long time ago Wretched Curse sadly begins the story about the ancient sorrows, than rage spits out from his hearth and mind to all around. An confestion in a middle...for a few seconds, then furious rage again till it passed out with a melodic guitar solo!
Wander No More established grove style from start till middle, where vocals almost stops the river of sound by his narration, then this competition repeated several times.
Title Legacy sounds like band plays with the orchestra - it fades into background after the intro to step in front sound pattern later. In the mid - melancholy solo by lonely guitar.
Adamantine - sound like craftin' armor and weapon from this star metal for hero, chosen by the gods to accomplish the extraordinary and impossible quest!