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Meeting the origins is always daunting

July 26, 2020
Withering Surface - Meet Your Maker

The title track begins the Withering Surface - Meet Your Maker album with mesmerizing influences of symphonic grandeur, slowly developing the artistry of the musical composition. But, then the vocals, while retaining the bewitching melodism, appeal to the acceleration of the tempo and the addition of the musical image with elements of drive. Enveloping the drive of the main motive with epic influences of symphonism Raised Right progressively complicates the rhythmic essence of the musical presentation. The Alone explodes in a fierce storm of unbridled musical thriller, twisting the furious axis of the main motive and vocals in sparkling whirlwinds of guitar riffs. But the chorus brings in banners of epic melody, ending with muted vocal whispers and brooding guitar and keyboard variations.
Charming the guitar solo of intro Room 417 then subordinates the musical motives to the directions of the vocal part. Whipping up the waves of mid-tempo march In A City Without Soul accelerates the musical tempo with vocals introducing, crowning the musical beats with a charismatic growling sound. The Leaves In The Stream complements the melodism of musical solutions with a furious stream of unrestrained musical drive.
Carrying away with a pulsating musical heartbeat into an intriguing haze of mysterious anticipation, enveloped in an incredibly melodic guitar solo, the I'll Soon Be Gone then incredibly expands the stylistic framework of the album, complementing the romantic ballad with clean male and female vocals. The Mourning Light again returning to the pulsating drive, crowned with mysterious vortices of guitar solo, returning to the mid-tempo anthem with vocals. Captivating with the mesmerizing lace of melody of the guitar solo of the intro The Apprentice completes the album with progressive artistry of musical solutions.