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Every age honors its own heroes

July 26, 2020
Vampire - Rex

The epic symphony Prelusion anticipates the rush of the Vampire - Rex album's title track, crowning the frenzied musical stream with the harsh sound of vocal fury entwined with sparkling guitar solos. The Inspiritus continues the musical narrative, impressively combining charismatic vocal phrases with the epic melody of instrumental fragments.
Driving piles of rhythmic cruelty into the intro, Wiru-Akka, after a pensive guitar solo, rolls over the furious drive of a musical thriller.  Calming the tempo, the PandemoniMoloch continues this style, slightly accelerating the tempo to the brink of a fast-paced race, complementing the sound with the charm of the melodic guitar solo.
Twisting the round dance of guitar passages of the introduction the Rekviem is given to the mesmerizing symphony of the anticipation of the verse, which explodes after the vocal appeal with a frantic assault on a musical thriller, sometimes varying the tempo to please the vocal part. Returning to the unity of an epic tale and the symphonic grandeur of instrumental passages, the Serafim enchants with these variations, captivating with the hit sound of the main motive.
Slowing down the musical impetuosity Anima is drowing into the enchanting expanses of ancient fairy tales and mystical legends, charming with the brooding romanticism of guitar solos. Keeping the influence of epic tales, the Melek-Taus concludes the album with a progressive artistry of tempo variations and compositional discoveries. An acoustic guitar solo completes the composition and album.